2020 April Devlog 004#

Indie game development Blog   Hello guys and gals, thank you very much for turning into this indie game development blog. I am excited to announce that I released “Oh my Zombie” Version 0.014. But most importantly: you can download your personal free demo version here: https://indie-games-dev.itch.io/oh-my-zombie   Try it out and please give me […]

Oh My Zombie Itch.io Game Release

Hello everyone, thank you for following me on my game dev journey. Today is an important day for me: Oh my Zombie is now available on itch.io, you can download it for free.   I have learned a lot while developing this game, and originally I wanted to go big with this title. The more […]

2019-May Devlog #003

Indie Game Devlog Number 003 – May 2019 Hello and welcome to my blog. Today I want to write about what I have done and accomplished in may 2019. It is not only about accomplishing goals, but also about learning and getting better at what I am doing. Time on gamedev Resently I started to […]

2019-April-Devlog #002

Devlog April 2019 Hello everyone, welcome back to my game development blog. Today I want to tell you what I did on my game in the month april 2019. New tool for graphic assets This month I switched to a new programm for my graphic asset production. Instead of using “Inkscape” I started to learn […]

Game developer beside a full time job

Full time Job and indie game developer Hello and welcome back everyone. How is it possible to do indie game development effectively, while having a full time job? How to manage time and resources, how to make progress on your game and not letting down your family and friends? In this article I will talk […]

2D-Art painted with Krita

2D Art for Level 01 Hello everyone, today I’d like to show you some 2D-Art I’ve painted for the first Level in my game “Oh my Zombie”. Painting Software “Krita” While I was searching for a good painting software alternative that can be used instead of Photoshop, I discovered Krita. After a few tests I […]

March 2019 – Devlog #001

My first Devlog March 2019 Hi gals and guys, today I wan’t to share the progress I’ve made in march 2019. Therefore I now I’m a little bit late writing this devlog, it is already may 2019.   2D-Art content creation: In march I started to build my first own game assets using the vector-editing-software […]


Hi and welcome to indie-games.dev My name is Tobi and I am happy to share my experience being a indie-gamedeveloper. As a hobbyist I am currently working on a 2D Jump-and-Run platformer called “Oh my Zombie“.   On this Website I’m blogging about the development-process. You can find my posts under the menu “Devlog“.