In the following I want to share the roadmap for “Oh my Zombie” with you:


Moreover this roadmap will be extended and updated every time a new game version is released.
You can see the current version and in addition the next versions to come.

But however, most importantly download your free copy of the “Oh my Zombie”-Demo here.


Old Versions:

V0.013 [released on March 23, 2020]:



  • After doublejump: player not bouncing of the ground anymore


  • Code a new dynamic camera controller based on the players speed
  • Review and optimize jumping mechanics
  • Optimize player controller and physics calculation code


V0.014 [released on April 09, 2020]:


  • Player melee attack: attack not possible anymore when not facing the enemy.

New Features:

  • Attack: throw bones which can hurt enemies and the player. The bones are bouncing off obstacles.
  • Attack: puke on enemies, the vomit deliveres lots of damage to the enemy.
  • Attack: the player can release a huge virus droplet transmission, which targets the closest enemy and hurts him.


Current Version:

V0.015 [released on May 06, 2020]:


  • PukeAttack: made shure enemy can’t get damage from particles twice.
  • Made shure player can’t jump when his health is zero.
  • EnemyRadar: make shure dead enemys are not getting tracked.
  • Made shure the player cant eat when health is zero.
  • The colliders of dead enemys are getting disable now.

General changes:

  • Extended the demo level with lots of places to explore.

New Features:

  • Perck: The game now includes hunger. The zombie needs to eat enemies after a certain period of time to fill his stomach.
    If he doesn’t do that, he looses health over time and starves to death.
  • Attack: The puke attack – which deliveres lots of damage to the enemy by the vomit – empties the players stomach now.
  • Collectibles: Scrape the enemy remains in bones and skulls, and pick them up.
  • Collectibles: Each enemy will now drop a random amount of pills when he dies. They will serve as a currency later on.
  • UI: Added a inventory system, where picked up items can be stored.
  • Enemy AI: Added a field of enemy sight to it’s behavior.
  • Added a inventory to the player, items can be collected, used and dropped.
  • Unlocking skills is now removing required skulls from the inventory.
  • The throw-bone-attack is now consuming bones from the inventory.
  • Enemys have now a area of sight, which within they will detect and hunt down the player.


Upcoming Version:

V0.016 [work in progress]:

New Features:

  • add a crafting system to the game
  • the equipment bar will make it possible to equip items
  • add lots of different craftable items


Future versions feature list:

  • add spit-attack to the game, which is a precise far distance attack (therefore it will have aiming mechanic)
  • pills as currency, due to purchase items in the game
  • more enemy types and variations will be added
  • traders will be part of the game world