In the following I want to share the roadmap for “Oh my Zombie” with you:


Moreover this roadmap will be extended and updated every week.
You can see the current version and in addition the next versions to come.

But however, most importantly download your free copy of the “Oh my Zombie”-Demo here.


Old Version:

V0.013 [released]:


  • After doublejump: player not bouncing of the ground anymore


  • Code a new dynamic camera controller based on the players speed
  • Review and optimize jumping mechanics
  • Optimize player controller and physics calculation code

Current Version:

V0.014 [released]:


  • Player melee attack: attack not possible anymore when not facing the enemy.

New Features:

  • Attack: throw bones which can hurt enemies and the player. The bones are bouncing off obstacles.
  • Attack: puke on enemies, the vomit deliveres lots of damage to the enemy.
  • Attack: the player can release a huge virus droplet transmission, which targets the closest enemy and hurts him.


Upcoming Version:

V0.015 [work in progress]:

New Features:

  • Add hunger to the game
  • puke attack will empty the stomach
  • Add an inventory system
  • destructible enemy remains, which will provide the player with bones and also with skulls
  • extend the demo level with more areas


Future versions feature list:

  • add spit-attack to the game, which is a precise far distance attack (therefore it will have aiming mechanic)
  • pills as collectible items, due to have some currency in the game.
  • crafting mechanics will be added.
  • crafting-item: traps and lot more usable items.