2020 April Devlog 004#

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Hello guys and gals,

thank you very much for turning into this indie game development blog.
I am excited to announce that I released “Oh my Zombie” Version 0.014.

But most importantly: you can download your personal free demo version here:


Try it out and please give me some feedback on the new game mechanics.
Your opinion and feedback will be highly appreciated.


As always I want to let you know about the development process I’ve been going through the last weeks.
There are several new features in the new version, which I am naming in the list below.

Developing this game has been an awesome journey so far.
I have learned a lot and I want to give some of that knowlegde back.
Therefore I am recording tutorial videos, which you can find on my Youtube Channel.


Also I recorded a short video where you can see the new features in Action.
You can watch that video at the end of this article.

Last but not least remember “sharing is caring”, so if you find this blog and the game interesting, feel free to share this at least with one family member or friend.
I whish you and your loved ones all the best in these crazy corona-virus-times, stay healthy and happy. 🙂


Changes in Oh my Zombie Version 0.014:


  • Player melee attack: attack not possible anymore when not facing the enemy.

New Features:

  • Attack: throw bones which can hurt enemies and the player. The bones are bouncing off obstacles.
  • Attack: puke on enemies, the vomit deliveres lots of damage to the enemy.
  • Attack: the player can release a huge virus droplet transmission, which targets the closest enemy and hurts him.




Greetings from germany,
Yours Tobi


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