Oh My Zombie Itch.io Game Release

Hello everyone,

thank you for following me on my game dev journey.
Today is an important day for me: Oh my Zombie is now available on itch.io, you can download it for free.


I have learned a lot while developing this game, and originally I wanted to go big with this title.
The more I’ve learned and gained skills, the more I realized how much I did wrong in the beginning.

At a certain point I stopped the development, because things begun to get crazy complex and hard to handle.
The codebase of this game turned out to be not scaleable. It was hard for me, but I decided to quit this project.

From then I didn’t touch the files for a long time and didn’t post any devlogs or updates.
I kind of felt ashamed, on quitting my game.
Silently I kept on learning and crafting other projects.

But than I realized how important itΒ  is to be okay with what I have craftet, the mistakes I’ve made and what I’ve learned.
So I want to give my game to the players and be proud of what I’ve accomplished in my first attend.

I wish you lots of fun and always stay motivated on making games πŸ™‚

Cheers from NRW Germany,
yours Tobi Preacher.



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