smooth camera follow script

Smooth camera follow script – Unity 3d C#

Camera follow script for acceleration based on the players speed


You want to have a camera follow script that provides smooth movement, but also have a direct feel?
On the other hand your camera should be accelerating dynamically and catch up with the players speed?

You want to give the player a direct feel on horizontal movement, but a smooth one on vertical moves?


As you now there are tons of tutorials out there, and as a result it is easy to get confused.
Which method is the best and what should I use in my project?

Know your requirements first and after that find a method that fits your needs.


This is exactly why this tutorial is for you. Especially if you are developing a 2d platformer game.
In addition you can easily extend your script with one more axis and use it in a 3d game application.
See how you can do it and which functions you are going to use.


Smooth camera follow functions:


You will learn how to use the Unity 3d C# function “Mathf.SmoothDamp” for the x-axis movement.
For the y-axis movement you will implement “Vector3.SmoothDamp“.
This approach allows you to calculate the camera follow movement for each axis separately.


Get your smooth camera follow script now by following my video tutorial below.
In this video I am implementing the camera-movement-logic for my video game “Oh my Zombie“.


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Start here with the Unity 3d tutorial:

Always learn new things and most importantly: have fun!
Stay amazing,

yours Tobi Preacher


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