Oh my Zombie

The slightly different Zombie Game


“Oh my Zombie” is a 2D jump and run platformer game. Yeah, there are thousands of platformer and hundreds of zombie games out there.
So what makes “Oh my Zombie” unique?


The Character

You play as a zombie character in a post-apocalyptic world.
As a zombiefied person you have to deal with all the issues that comes along with the zombie-virus infection.
You still got some human skills and abilities left over, that will help you to survive.

You have the freedom to decide if you want to embrace the zombie side and boost up your zombie skills, or you can decide to keep the infection as low as possible and try to harm nobody.
But be aware, depending on your gameplay decisions the consequences will change.
It can make your survival easy, or hard as hell.

The Story

One morning you wake up and feel kind of sick. Something has changed.
Unfortunately you got no memories about the last night.
While the infection is progressing you have to find out what happened to you and why you got infected.
You can expect a thrilling story line and lots of funny moments that will make you smile.
In order to #nospoiler I will leave it at this point. 🙂


You have to fight for your survival while finding your way in a world where everybody tries to kill you.
Solve puzzles, gather resources and unlock new survivor skills.


“Oh my Zombie” is a humoristic approach to the whole zombie-related cliche.

Check out my showcase of the demo level and monthly updates about the game in my devlog.

Make shure you don’t miss the roadmap where you can find more details about the development – progress.